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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Thanks for Ruining my Day TXDPS!

So today I go down to get my kid her learners permit. I waste 3 fucking hours of my life thanks to the TXDPS. Why is it so hard to get anything done with those people?

First of all, they shut down the office close to me, and the other office is closed today. On a Tuesday. Why? So they filter everyone in to this one office where you walk in and end up getting a wait time of 328 minutes. 328 FUCKING MINUTES. So you sit and you wait...and wait....and wait.....for 3 FUCKING HOURS. You get a text that says go to "waiting area B", after rushing over there you immediately get one that says go to line 1, which is all the way back to where you were, as soon as you get in line 1 you get a text that says "we haven't heard from you so you lost your spot in line." (*please look at the attached images for time stamps) What. The. Fuck??? Try asking the chick at the desk and get a shit attitude because you leaned over her god damn imaginary line trying to show her the phone then she says "just ignore that". Fine, but if you dipshits wouldn't have sent that out in the first place I wouldn't have had to ask you about it and leaned into your personal space to show you what I was asking about. Also, there's a path all of the way around that front desk area, if you don't want people in the path then put up a fucking rope that says don't go beyond rope. How the fuck am I supposed to know it's off limits??? 

Now, we finally get to see someone and I have done my homework and have a shit ton of documents. I even brought backup documents just incase because I have heard the horror stories from other people. Before I go further, here's a little back story...when my kid was 4 I took her dad to court for child support, the court decided that I should change her name to his last name so whatever, it was done . I have both birth certificates and her original social security card, but not the social with her current last name. I go and get that paper showing it's in the mail, take that and the 2 FUCKING GOVERNMENT ISSUED birth certificates and the GOVERNMENT ISSUED  original social security card and the FUCKING paper from the ss office and those fuckers STILL said "nope, gotta wait on the new card." Are you fucking serious??? 3 fucking hours of my life wasted. Where can I get those hours back txdps? I cant.

 They have made it damn near impossible to get anything done in this state by 1st, closing down all of the offices and two coming up with all of this ridiculous bullshit you have to go through. I understand about national security and all of that bullshit, but give me a fucking break. That's just asinine. I had to show less proof of identity to get the social security card they want me to get in the first damn place. My 15 year old daughter just showed her school ID, txdps doesn't consider that to be ID. Why does one fucking government office accept it and the other doesnt?? I. NEED. ANSWERS!!! Because now I get to sit around and wait on the ss card to get here then go waste 3 more fucking hours of my life at the DPS.

This is unacceptable! We the fucking people should demand better service! Nobody should be allowed to waste your time like that. That's just rude. 


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