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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Life and its Ups and Downs and Internet Dating

It's been awhile since I've taken the time to write anything. Mainly it's because I haven't really had much to say and also I've been busy. I have a ton of shit going on in my life right now so this is going to sort of a rambling mess. Bear with me...

First off, let me just say that I survived the holiday season with absolutely zero drama which is a freaking miracle!!!! I still hate Christmas as much as I ever did and it was even more difficult getting into any kind of holiday spirit thanks to Texas and our warm weather. I never even had to fight traffic (surprising since I live next to the mall) or stand in lines either so I really never felt like Christmas was here. It was just another day that came and went, except after having 70 degree temps forever, we actually got snow on Christmas day which was nice for the kids.

I'm just really ready to get this year over with and hopefully have a better one in 2013. This has been one shitastic clusterfuck for just about everyone I know. People getting divorced left and right, car accidents, trouble with the law, job loss....its just been one damn thing after another. I believe in the law of averages, that everything can't be bad or good all of the time, shit has to balance out at some point so I'm hoping that everyone gets back to the good soon. Fingers crossed!

Speaking of bullshit, my friend is going through a divorce this year and its been a rough time for her and selfishly, I will say for me too. I don't like watching her have to go through it and some days I really want to smack the shit out of her soon to be ex for putting her through it. What is it with men not being able to deal with mid-life? Most women just get older and accept it, but most men have to go off and act like total dickwads. Seriously, being a dickwad isn't going to stop the aging process, you're still going to be old, but you're also going to be friendless in the process because you're being such an asshat that nobody wants to be around you, so it seems like you should suck it up and deal with life. Idiots.

This brings me to something that I've been thinking about a lot lately. Dating. I'm about to hit my 40's, my significant other already crossed that threshold, anyway I've been perusing the online dating sites, trying to encourage my friend to just get out there and meet new people. I have to say that at our age the pickins' are SLIM so be forewarned if you are considering doing something drastic. I just want to go through all of their profiles and leave tips instead of "flirts".

For starters, camera angles are important. I don't want to see up your nose. Get a friend and have them take your pic and if it sucks, keep trying. Also, if you cant figure out how to make the image bigger so that the person viewing it can actually see it, find someone that can. No matter what people say, looks ARE important, especially when you dont know someone. I'm sorry, but if you look like a serial killer there's not a chance in hell I'm sending you a message. Oh, and this....

Wtf is this? Am I supposed to pick you out of a line-up? How about you make it easy on me and just post a single pic of you, by yourself? And for the love of all things holy never, ever, ever post pics with your kids. You're a dad? Great! Millions of men are, but I don't need to see pics of your children on a dating site. It creeps me out every damn time so just stop!!

Last but not least, making your user name "d1ck4u" or "69isfine" doesnt make me want to contact you either. It's disgusting. If you are on one of those "no strings hook-up" sites then fine, but on everyday dating sites please try and refrain from being a pervert.

Anyway, if me and my man end up splitting up I'm just going to avoid all of the bullshit and stay single. I've seen what's out there and quite frankly I'm scared to have to jump into it.

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