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Friday, October 5, 2012

What Kind of Reward is This?

Today was report card day at my kids school. It's never really been a big deal, my kids all get good grades. So I ask for their report cards and instead of giving me them, they excitedly hand me these.....


Look here, public school district that my children attend, I'm pretty sure that there's been a shit ton of coverage over the fact that kids are obese little butterballs these days (one of them happens to be mine) so why in the hell are we rewarding our kids at school with FAST FOOD COUPONS?????

Seriously, not only are you teaching kids that eating fast food is a great reward for any minor achievement, you are also fattening up the parents, because to get this free kids "reward" you have to buy an adult meal. I'm already fucking fat enough, thank you very much. I don't understand this. This is why Americans are fat as hell and our waistlines are expanding at a rate faster than the universe. Way to go public school system, you've taught my kids one fantastic lesson today!!

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