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Saturday, September 15, 2012

America, We Have a Lot of Problems

Its political season, the second shittiest time of year (if you've read my previous posts, you will know I view Christmas as the number 1 shittiest time)! Its a time where people show just how stupid the human race can be, mud is slung from sea to shining sea and a good portion of the country begins to decide which candidate is the lesser of two evils. I wish I could go back to my younger years where I didn't give a crap about this kind of stuff, but unfortunately, I don't have a time machine so I'm just going to sit here and bitch.

Its human nature to want to argue. Nobody ever wants to be wrong and everyone thinks their way is the right way. This causes a lot of strife. We, as citizens, elect people to go sit in a room and just argue and we pay them handsomely to do so. Yet the problem is, that's ALL they do, argue. They never accomplish jack shit. Newsflash for the politicians...not everyone can be right. Its impossible and sometimes you need to sit back, suck it up and just compromise with other people. If the elected officials would spend some time trying to come up with actual solutions and stop trying to figure out a way to fuck over the American people and still get elected at the same time, the country would be a lot better off. I'm talking to Republicans and Democrats both. You are all guilty of this.

"Your idiotic ideas about absolutely everything make me want to shoot daggers at you with my eyes"

The people also need to stop and realize that there is not going to be any over night fix in this country. I don't care if you somehow found that ever elusive, mythological creature known as Jesus Christ and made him President. He still couldn't fix anything. Everyone wants to blame the President for the current state of affairs. These problems have been building since before the ink had even dried on the Constitution. And let's face it, the President doesn't have unadulterated power. He has to get approval before he can do anything and that takes us back to the room with the people arguing and further from any solutions. Until they stop worrying about whats best for them and start worrying about whats best for the country as a whole, everything is going to stay the same.

this has nothing to do with this article, I just like stick figures
Its not going to get any better either. Take a look around at the people you're raising. The ones that one day are going to be in charge...we have become a society that is afraid of their children. Back in my day you tended not to act like a little jerk-off because there was a good chance you would get your ass beat if you did. You went to school and got good grades because your parents told you to not because you were paid to. Same things goes for chores, you helped out around the house because that's how you earned your keep. These days kids expect to be paid for every little Goddamn thing they do and it's ridiculous.

Nobody wants to discipline their kids anymore because they are afraid of being considered abusers. At some point it became wrong to swat your kids ass. Now we sit them in the corner and tell them to stay there and think about what they did. What the hell is the point of that? Not one kid is thinking about what they did to get put in that corner in the first place, they are picking their noses and cussing you under their breath.

"You put me in the corner, I plot your death."

One day they are going to be in charge. These kids that obviously can't even properly operate a pair of pants since they all wear them around their ankles WITH belts on. What the fuck is that all about? They have shitty attention spans too. Anything over 140 characters causes them to respond with "TL;DR". Really? It was too long for you to read, but you still took the time to go to the comment section and leave that comment? Whats gonna happen when one of these kids, with their ass hanging out, grows up and makes it to the Oval Office? Is he going to sit down at a stack of reports and stamp them all TL;DR? Probably so.  Then where will we be? I'll tell you where, right in the middle of the movie Idiocracy, that's where. We are so screwed.

"Amuuuuuuurica, bitches!!!!!!"


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