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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Oh here we go.....

I spend an ass load of time on the internet. I have no life and "surfing the web" is actually my paying job. One thing that my job has taught me is that the internet is home to the worlds biggest dumbasses. A lot of time I just read stuff then roll my eyes and think to myself "what a fucking idiot", but sometimes I cant ignore it, sometimes I must share the stupidity so here it is....

Where to begin? First of all I find this to be the biggest load of crap I think Ive read in quite sometime, which is saying a lot because I see the sewers of the internet on a daily basis. I havent done any research into this chicks background so I dont know her story, but apparently shes divorced and she thinks that her divorce is waaaaaaaay more traumatic than your measly little breakup. She says as much in the second paragraph with this comment...."Yes, the end of a long-term relationship is horrible and devastating, but I don't believe that it compares to the emotional trauma of getting a divorce, no matter how long the couple has been together.". She thinks that just because you didnt stand up in front of God, friends and family and basically lie to love each other forever that you surely couldnt possibly have loved your partner anywhere near what she must have.

This cat is my soul mate.

Here's another little gem..."The biggest difference between a divorce and the breakup of a long-term relationship is the emotional and mental toll that it takes. When getting married, a couple stands in front of all of their friends and family -- and in many cases, before God -- and declares their never-ending love for each other. They promise to spend their lives together "for better or for worse". After getting married, the two individuals become a family that works together toward common goals, hopes and dreams."

Im not going to cut and paste her whole article, but you see where shes going with this. Why do people assume that just because people get married that they love their partner more than anyone else? They don't. Its a ridiculous idea to assume they do. Its also ridiculous to assume non-married people wont have any legal ties to each other. Ive been in an 8 year "long-term" relationship. We have a kid together, share a house, have one vehicle and have recently started a business together. Guess what? When we split up there's going to be plenty of lawyers, bickering and shitty behavior. We are working together towards the same goals, have the same dreams, just because we don't have a worthless piece of paper joining us together doesn't mean we are any less tied together. Lets face it, that's ALL marriage is these days, a worthless piece of paper. Nobody takes their vows seriously and people get married knowing that if it doesn't work out they can just get a divorce.

One last paragraph from her article...."Along with the incredible sense of failure comes extreme loneliness, because divorce represents the end of "us" and the return to "me, on my own again". When a long-term relationship ends, there is still a sense of loss but, in most cases, the two individuals were able to keep their sense of self and maintain (somewhat) separate lives during the relationship; returning to their own life after a breakup isn't as severe a transition." this I say What the fuck???? If you have to crawl up your partners ass 24/7 and lose your sense of self then you have no one to blame, but you!! Whether you are married or just shacking up, you have to remember you are still two separate people who need to do their own thing or you will end up all whiny and bitter like this lady.

"waaaaahhhhhhh!!!! Look at me, Im divorced and you never were even married.. blah blah blah..."

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