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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Im Easily Distracted.....

So my best friend just started going through the whole marriage break-up thing and Im really bad at dealing with emotional shit. I have a hard time with sadness because it doesnt feel like theres anything I can do about it. I prefer dealing with someone when they are angry. Anger is a "get up and lets do this shit" emotion.

Needless to say, I havent been very helpful during these trying times because I want her to get angry and she wants to be sad. I know the world doesnt work on my way of thinking, but just ONE TIME you would think it could. For my sanity and for her heart.

Anyway, I was going to write a really moving post about how I think love is a load of crap and that people are generally assholes to each other so the best thing in life to do is to not fall for all of that sappy bullshit you see in the movies. Stay single. None of that shit is for real and nothing in life is forever.

But, when I sat down to surf the internet looking for some images to include in this post (because people have short ass attention spans and cant read shit anymore without image breaks) I found this under Google image search for "divorce"....

...this is when I started to drool because I have a deep love for Ryan Reynolds body and I started to think about how I also love this Steve Lippman person for catching such a beautiful piece of lusciousness that my eyes can not look away from.

So here I am, too in love to even say that love is stupid.

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