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Friday, April 20, 2012

Dear Religious Fanatics.....

Hey religious fanatics!!! This is a quick little rant to tell you that you really have been pissing me off lately and tonight you just pushed me right over the edge.

I went to the store this evening with my 7 year old son. On the way to our truck I was stopped in the parking lot by a woman handing out some religious "literature". I took it, just because I'm not a rude person. As I'm walking away she starts following me with a barrage of questions about church and blah blah blah. So as shes getting more aggressive in her questioning, I start one word answering her until finally I just blurt out that I don't believe in any of it so I'm not going to attend her church.

That set off a whole new firestorm. In front of my 7 year old kid she proceeds to ask me if I know that there is a special hell waiting for me since I don't believe Jesus died for my sins. WTF crazy lady??? She stalked me halfway across a parking lot, all of the way to my truck!! When I got inside, my 7 year old kid was crying. He now believes his mother is going to hell. I had to explain to him that if there is in fact a hell, it will be her that goes there because that's where all rude people end up.

See, when I go to the grocery store I have one purpose and one purpose buy products. I don't go just so that I can be accosted in the parking lot by some of you freaking nut cases. I don't believe in God. Theres just no reason for me too. I have an analytical brain and through analysis of plain and simple common fucking sense, there's not a chance you will ever get me to believe that there is some imaginary person sitting around up in the sky somewhere. Seriously, what is he even supposed to be doing up there anyway because by the look of things down here in reality, he isnt doing shit.

Regardless of the fact that I feel he's an imaginary slacker,  I don't go around and try to force this view on other people. I don't even tell my own kids not to believe. I let them go thru life and figure out what they believe is right for them. I would never think that it was ok to badger people in a fucking parking lot while they have their MINOR CHILD with them to try to 'convert them". Its stupid and asinine and the people that do this should be ashamed at their shitty ass self.

When I want to learn or practice things I go to appropriate places, for example.. if I want to read a book, I may go to the library....want to practice yoga, may go take a yoga class...if I want to learn about jesus Ill go to a church not fucking Walmart. Oh, and one more thing, stop knocking on my fucking door every damn day. By now you should know that people cant stand religious assholes banging on their door. Why don't you guys go out and get some fucking jobs and make actual contributions to society instead of just pissing people off?

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Ken Sharp said...

Very well said. I feel your pain.