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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Girls Roadtrip

Tomorrow I embark on my first ever girls roadtrip. Its kind of odd because I'm almost 40 and I've never done something like this so it's also exciting.

By the level of excitement I feel, you would thing we were going somewhere super cool like Cabo San Lucas or Scotland, but no, we are just taking a 3 hour drive to Jefferson, TX. Why? Just to get away.

I've been raising kids since I was 18. I missed out on doing a lot of things that young people do like roadtrips, college, alcohol soaked spring breaks..all sorts of good times. Now that my younger two are getting older I'm going to start slowly stepping out of my box and exploring life. That way, by the time they have moved out I will be ready to really expand my horizons and take trips outside of the country.

I feel like this is a great time in life. I'm not looking forward to the effect getting older will have on my appearance, but getting to the stage in life where your kids are grown and you get a chance to do what you want to whenever you want without worrying about cooking dinner, getting homework done or even finding a sitter so you can go out, is fucking awesome.

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