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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Some People Are Misinformed

So this morning I was on Facebook and was treated to a rant by some dude that girls who have a lot of guy friends, but not a lot of girlfriends are ALL sluts (well 9 out of every 10). His basis for this completely insane/asinine theory was that guys want to hang out with this type of girl because she's easy and all they want to do is sleep with her and girls dont want to hang out with her because they can "sniff" out this type of behavior and nobody likes a slut.

Now, I don't want to call this guy an idiot, but by making this type of generalized statement he clearly gives me no choice. That would be like me saying that all guys that have a Texas flag for their profile picture on Facebook have tiny little penises. Sure, it could be true, but without having actually seen all of their peens I would be an ass for making such an assumption.

I happen to know several women who have more guy friends than girl friends and not one of them is a slut. They are smart, independent women who don't give a fuck what you think about them. One of them happens to be my kid. She busted her ass and graduated high school at 16, moved out on her own and went to college. She's had as many as 5 jobs at one time. She's currently 20 and a senior in college and works as a manager for a men's wheelchair basketball team. She has a huge heart and makes me proud of her accomplishments everyday. She has ONE boyfriend on the basketball team and not a bunch of guys she's out sleeping with. But this ass who made this statement will never know how awesome she is because she has mostly guy friends so automatically he would assume she's trash.

She's not, she's smart because being a woman, I can tell you that "bitches be crazy". A lot of women are giant balls of drama and the smart woman will avoid them. This is one of the reasons I maintain such a small group of girl friends as well. So next time, sir with the Texas flag profile pic, think shit out before you spew it on Facebook. It makes you look like an uniformed ass to the rest of the world.

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