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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Quick open letter...

My open letter to the hooker I saw last night......

Dear Winstar Hooker (you know who you are),

I would like to start off by asking you a question, do you know where the fuck you are?? No? Well let me tell you, you're in Podunk, Ok. There is literally nothing but this casino for miles around. You're not on the Vegas strip!! Far from it. So why the hell were you wearing thigh high stiletto boots and mini skirt with your ass cheeks on the verge of full exposure??

When you strutted out of your house did you not notice it was 30 damn degrees?? And yet you had on a slinky sleeveless top? Seriously, it's fucking December. You may wanna purchase a jacket.

There are thousands of people at that casino. I couldn't tell you what anybody else was wearing, not even the guy that I had a full on conversation with at the machine next to me. So if your goal was to stand out, congrats!!! You accomplished that goal. If your goal was to be well dressed and appropriate for your surroundings, you fucking failed. Even the two other girls and three guys that you were with were dressed averagely!

In closing, get a fucking clue. You weren't looking hot in that outfit, you looked like an idiot who had no damn idea where the hell she was or what fucking season we were in.

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