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Friday, March 19, 2010


Let me start off by saying, yes, I understand that not all cheaters are men. I watch "Cheaters", I know women are just as guilty, but this is a man rant so bare with me.

What is so great about cheating? I have never been able to understand it. Most women cheat when the husband has shut them off, they cheat because they are looking for companionship. Men on the other hand cheat just because they think they can get away with it. Not only do they cheat, they cheat with women that are several steps below the women they are married to. At least that's my perspective. Lets look at the two most public and recent cheating scandals...

Tiger Woods. Here is a man that has enough money to support a small country, fame, prestige and a wife that is easy on the eyes. Now, nobody knows exactly what goes on behind closed doors, but by all accounts the man has a perfect life. So why go out and cheat with a bunch of skanky women? Are these men so lacking in common sense that they don't see that the types of women they are cheating with will, when the opportunity arises, turn their lives into a living hell? Women that cheat with married famous men are generally self centered soulless creatures that care only about how to get rich quick and have their 15 minutes. They are not at all interested or concerned with whose life they may destroy on their climb to the top.

And Jesse James...say it isn't so!! I was completely and totally shocked by this. I don't really know why. Tigers infidelity didn't shock me, anyone who tries to portray himself as that squeaky clean generally has some dirty little skeletons shoved in a closet somewhere. But Jesse...I know, I know...he was married to a porn star who allegedly is a bit off of her rocker, so obviously he doesn't make really good choices all of the time, but in this case he completely dropped the ball. Compared to his completely gorgeous, sweet natured, down-to-earth wife Sandra Bullock, his alleged mistress is a total tramp. Seriously, I don't have anything against tattoos, I have a couple of them myself, but when you look at her you should have sirens going off in your head screaming 'DANGER! DANGER! NO GOOD CAN COME FROM THIS! RUN!!'

Then the men top off their already asinine act of cheating by leaving a blazing trail of evidence in their wake! I'm beginning to think that technology is making the population dumber so I'm going to help the guys out here. If you are cheating, don't be a complete and total dumb ass by sending the shady ass hos texts messages!! Or emails, for that matter. What is wrong with you?? They will use it against you. There will not be any 'he said/she said', they will have documented proof that you are an ass.

Plus, not only does your wife have to be humiliated by the fact that the entire world knows your an idiot and that she was dumb enough to marry your cheating ass, she has to read every single word of what you said to that woman. Once she reads it, its forever branded in her brain and she will be sickened every time she thinks about it. I bet Elin is ready to explode after Joclyn James website got up and running. And she has my sympathy. There is nothing more detrimental to the heart than having your trust broken by someone that supposedly loves you.

So keep it in your pants guys and save yourself from all of the turmoil.

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